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Lonza and Forty Seven Inc. Announce Strategic Manufacturing Agreement for Immuno-Oncology Therapeutic Antibody Pipeline

October 13, 2016 at 8:00 AM EDT

Basel (CH) and Palo Alto, CA (USA), 13 October 2016 – Lonza, a global leader in biological manufacturing, and Forty Seven, Inc., a clinical-stage immuno-oncology company, announced today a strategic manufacturing agreement for the clinical supply of Forty Seven’s therapeutic antibodies. Under the agreement Lonza will manufacture material at its Slough (UK) facility for Forty Seven’s ongoing and future clinical trials.

Forty Seven is committed to the advancement of immuno-oncology through the engagement of new and complementary phagocytic pathways that enhance anti-tumor efficacy and selectivity. Its lead molecule, Hu5F9-G4, is a humanized monoclonal antibody against human CD47 that potentially has broad applications spanning multiple tumor types and treatment modalities.

Lonza performed cell-line development for Hu5F9-G4; and under this new agreement, Lonza will optimize the process for the production of Hu5F9-G4 in a 1000 liter single-use bioreactor. Lonza’s chemically defined and animal component-free (CDACF) media and feed platform will be used in the scale-up and manufacture of this product. The manufacturing agreement provides Forty Seven access to multiple batches in Lonza’s single-use bioreactor suites for a five-year term. The agreement applies a new business model for development-stage companies and provides flexible access to capacity that can be used for clinical supply of their pipeline.

“We are excited to enter into a multi-year agreement with Lonza to have them manufacture Hu5F9-G4 and other products in our pipeline. Our partnership with Lonza in developing the cell line and the production process has been instrumental for us, and we are very pleased to have Lonza’s continued commitment to aid the development of Forty Seven’s programs,” said Jonathan MacQuitty, Forty Seven’s CEO.

“Because of our strong partnership with Forty Seven, we can support their continued development of innovative therapeutics such as Hu5F9-G4 through the clinical stages and beyond,” said Karen Fallen, Vice President, Business Unit Head, Clinical Development and Licensing for Lonza. “Lonza has developed flexible business models to meet the specific needs of our customers, which allows emerging companies like Forty Seven to secure manufacture for the complete product lifecycle.”

About Lonza
Lonza is one of the world’s leading and most-trusted suppliers to the pharmaceutical, biotech and specialty ingredients markets. We harness science and technology to create products that support safer and healthier living and that enhance the overall quality of life.

Not only are we a custom manufacturer and developer, Lonza also offers services and products ranging from active pharmaceutical ingredients and stem-cell therapies to drinking water sanitizers, from the vitamin B3 compounds and organic personal care ingredients to agricultural products, and from industrial preservatives to microbial control solutions that combat dangerous viruses, bacteria and other pathogens.

Founded in 1897 in the Swiss Alps, Lonza today is a well-respected global company with more than 40 major manufacturing and R&D facilities and approximately 9,800 full-time employees worldwide. The company generated sales of CHF 3.8 billion in 2015 and is organized into two market-focused segments: Pharma&Biotech and Specialty Ingredients. Further information can be found at

About Forty Seven Inc.
Forty Seven Inc. is a clinical-stage immuno-oncology company that is developing therapies licensed from Stanford University targeting cancer immune evasion pathways. The lead program Hu5F9-G4 is a monoclonal antibody against the CD47 receptor, a “don’t eat me” signal that cancer cells commandeer to avoid being ingested by the immune system. This antibody is currently being evaluated in two Phase 1 clinical studies in patients with solid tumors and in patients with acute myeloid leukemia. Forty Seven is located at 1490 O’Brien Drive, Suite A, Menlo Park, CA 94025

For more information please visit or contact Chief Business Officer Craig Gibbs at (650) 352-4136.

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